Container weighing – July 2016

12th October 2015 Container weighing – July 2016   The International Maritime Organization have implemented a ruling that requires all shippers to ensure that accurate weights are declared to authorities. This is ruling will start 1st July 2016 and Anglia strongly suggests that all shippers establish procedures for weighing their cargo prior to export to […]

Hazardous Cargo To China

20th August 2015 Hazardous Cargo To China In light of the recent tragic events in Tianjin, Chinese authorities are tightening the existing rules on hazardous shipments to and from China. Below is a brief summary of these as outlined by BIFA. Anglia strongly suggest that prior to shipping hazardous goods you contact either your dangerous […]

Tianjin Update

14th August 2015 Tianjin Update   Please see below update on the current situation at Tianjin Port. Condition of Port: Tianjin Euroasia & Tianjin Alliance has been closed. TCT/OOCL /FICT open as usual. Condition of harbour channel: Closed Hazardous goods All the dangerous goods are currently prohibited. Condition of nearby area The eighth road – […]

Cross-Channel delays return

17th July 2015 Cross-Channel delays return   Cross-Channel road freight operators have seen more backlogs and delays today, with ‘Operation Stack’ back in place on the UK’s key M20 motorway, and traffic congestion at the ports of Dover and Calais and at Eurotunnel terminals looks set continue over the next few days as the MyFerryLink […]

Dover Calais update 8th July

7th July 2015 Dover Calais update 8th July   ‘Operation Stack’ remained in place on the M20 on Wednesday following yesterday’s fatal incident in the Channel Tunnel, the on-going situation in Calais, and high volumes of UK-European road freight traffic, although there were no reports of threatened wildcat strikes or protests this week. The Freight […]

Dover / Calais update

2nd July 2015 Dover / Calais update   The Port of Calais partially re-opened yesterday evening as the union representing protestors announced it would be meeting France’s transport minister in talks scheduled to begin at 11am local time today. However, there continue to be major truck backlogs on both sides of Channel, with limited Dover-Calais […]

Delays at Calais

30th June 2015 Delays at Calais   The Port of Calais remains closed today and Eurotunnel freight services are subject to severe delays as protests by MyFerrylink workers continued and tonight’s deadline for the handover of two My FerryLink ferries by Eurotunnel to DFDS draws closer. My FerryLink ferries by Eurotunnel to DFDS draws closer. […]