Hazardous Cargo To China

20th August 2015

Hazardous Cargo To China

In light of the recent tragic events in Tianjin, Chinese authorities are tightening the existing rules on hazardous shipments to and from China. Below is a brief summary of these as outlined by BIFA. Anglia strongly suggest that prior to shipping hazardous goods you contact either your dangerous goods safety advisor, local Anglia Forwarding office or Anglia China for clarification.
Shanghai customs requests all import and export cargo must be labeled both in Chinese and English otherwise will be in customs custody.

The label includes commodity.UN no.composition.warning sign.emergency contact etc.Although there has been this provision, but the Chinese government will strengthen the prevention efforts.

This is actually not the new rule, port authority/government/carrier just refresh the process and remind all DG customers. Something they might not control before, but will strictly manage from now on. Based on carrier update, ports prohibited cargo list for your reference:

Port & Hazardous class

Tianjin/Xingang All
Qingdao class 4/5
Shanghai NIL
Chongqing All
Zhangjiagang Class1/2/4.2/4.3
Changshu All
Nantong Class 3/6
Xiamen All
Zhanjiang All
Huangpu only accept class6/8/9/4.2
Lianyungang Class 1/2
Huangshi All
Yichang All


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