Kirintec – Defence Industry – Customer Testimonial

What supply chain challenges were you facing prior to appointing Anglia

We were awarded a significant contract which, required the ability to import goods worldwide that
needed to be ‘hubbed’ in the United Kingdom and Dubai prior to onwards transmission. The
requirement came at short notice and multiple stakeholders were involved.

The chosen freight forwarder had to have the ability to work over multiple time zones, with many
stakeholders and have the flexibility to provide solutions to an ever-changing requirement.

What were the key elements behind choosing Anglia Forwarding as your
freight management provider?

We interviewed numerous freight forwarding companies after an initial tendering phase and it
became apparent that specialist knowledge and skills were required for this project.

Throughout the process Anglia Forwarding were open, honest and engaging. Where they had
concerns and challenges they raised these with us to ensure we were kept informed. At all times,
Anglia Forwarding would work through any challenges and present pragmatic and cost effective
solutions to overcome these.

Anglia Forwarding assumed many of the duties and responsibilities relating to logistics allowing our
staff to focus upon our areas of expertise.

Would you recommend Anglia Forwarding services to other companies?

Anglia Forwarding are highly recommended as their main focus is to understand the customers
requirements and provide sustainable solutions.

Their team are engaging and easy to work alongside. When issues arise (which is often the case in
any major programme or project like this), Anglia Forwarding will work tirelessly to get things ‘back
on track’ at the earliest opportunity.

“Anglia Forwarding have been an exceptional asset in ensuring that critical systems and solutions are
delivered to a Governmental customer and adhere to strict time, cost and quality criteria. The bottom
line is that Anglia Forwarding are second to none in what they do”

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