Making sense of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit

Following our last Brexit newsletter the situation still remains unclear. As we move closer to the 29th March 2019, we need to consider the possible effects of the UK leaving the EU without an agreement, a so called “no deal” exit.

If the United Kingdom does leave the EU without an agreement, The World Trade Organisation (WTO) route may become the default solution, in which case UK businesses will have to apply customs, excise and VAT processes to goods traded with the EU.

At Anglia Forwarding we understand that our clients need to plan ahead and introduce their own contingency plans should such an event arise.

What actions do you need to carry out to continue trading with the EU following a “No Deal” exit.

  • Make sure you have a EORI number. If you do not already have an EORI number you can apply for one free of charge by visiting
  • If you are buying from the EU, ask your supplier for their EORI number. Both EORI numbers will be required if Customs declarations are to be completed post Brexit.
  • Review the size of your Duty/VAT deferment account. Will it sustain the additional EU business? Anglia can offer a deferment service for a small administration charge.
  • Obtain the UN customs code for goods you are exporting to or importing from the EU. Again, this information will be required if Customs declarations are to be completed post Brexit. Guidance can be found at
  • Issue an Authority for Anglia Forwarding to act as a Direct Customs representative and return it to You can download the letter of authority from

What is Anglia Forwarding doing to ensure the smoothest possible transition
We are in the process of putting in place additional staff to accommodate the possible influx of customs entry requests.
Alongside this, our IT programmes and systems are being adapted to ensure Customs entries can be prepared remotely
from any Anglia office and as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Anglia Forwarding are already best placed to
assist our customer through the Brexit process.

Once the final Brexit deal becomes known, we will provide a step by step guide to help your business continue to trade
with the EU.

To keep in touch with the latest Brexit news and how you can continue to prepare for Brexit, please sign up to our
regular newsletters via our website or send your Brexit questions to

Anglia Forwarding is committed to assisting our customers preparations to ensure the smoothest possible Brexit.

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