US Snow Storms

27th January 2015

US Snow Storms


One of the most severe snowstorms to hit the US northeast is causing havoc to transport systems, with ports closed, flights cancelled, with many roads also un-passable.

Weather forecasters have warned that ‘Winter Storm Juno’ could see up to 76cm (30ins) of snow falling in some parts of the region, accompanied by hurricane-force winds.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey said: “Total snow accumulation is likely to exceed two feet throughout the port. With the expected gale force winds, drifts could be even higher”.

All terminals will be closed today, 27 January, having already been shut down from yesterday afternoon, and a decision about Wednesday would be made by noon (local time) today, the statement added. Only emergency services are reported to be allowed on some roads in New York City.

As for air transport, the total number of flights cancelled yesterday and today is above 7,000 flights, and hundreds of flights have already been cancelled for Wednesday too. American Airlines suspended operations in Philadelphia, Boston and New York late Monday afternoon and United Airlines cancelled all Tuesday flights at New York airports Newark, LaGuardia and JFK, as well as Boston and Philadelphia. Another US belly cargo carrier, Delta, said no operations were planned at Boston airport on Tuesday and very limited flying at LaGuardia and JFK.

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